My POB Power Up by 50%

It just dawn on me that my debut Mega investment on Hive's second layer began in August 2019 and after two years, that curation investment fetches at least $150 monthly even as it presently bears. This investment decision was to begin a regular periodic power-up of SPORTS till I secured the top 3 stakeholder spot. This memory so excites me as I am looking forward to make the best of the last four months of 2021 after my August HiveGoal resolve.

The @proofofbrain community with two interfaces and has become a centre of attraction on the Hive blockchain while the POB token seems to be the most sought after token of late with close to $1k trading volume in the last 24 hours. The community supports every kind of original content that meets minimum quality requirements. My heart is all out for POB now as it went in for SPORTS that year.


I am looking forward to 10k POB power in the next few months, say December 2021 but decided to start it smaller and monthly achievable staking goals. Starting from 500 in August 2021 which was achieved, I am confident that I could close up September with at least 2k POB power. That can be possible and even more if Hive continues to bull to cause some liquid POB holders to dump some off on me.

Today, being 7th September, 2021, I decided to add more 250 POB to my POB power. Here's the transaction link. This raises my POB Power by 50% to 750 POB. While that looks small for some persons, I love doing mine the "drops way". With the inner motivation I have, achieving this month's goal could become reachable in a matter of days and that would be fine.

Transaction link

I'm all in for second layer curation on Hive blockchain. From SPORTS to LEO, CTP, LIST, CCC, NEOXAG, CHARY, and others, it's been an encouraging ride and I wish to do more as long as we have products with sustainable potential as well as unique usecases.

This would be my entry for Brain Power Up WEEK #1 and I hope to double up this amount in the next Episode. How many POB did you power up in the last 7 days?